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About Prop 480

Vote YES on Prop 480!

Proposition 480 will appear on the ballot for the November 2023 special election – THIS coming November!

This proposition gives voters the opportunity to vote for a new hospital in the City of Flagstaff. This new hospital is 100% privately funded.

Privately Funded.

No Cost to Taxpayers.

Why a new hospital, you might ask?

The existing hospital, Flagstaff Medical Center, is too small, too crowded, and too antiquated. It simply cannot keep up with the demands of a growing and aging population.

Because of that, patients have experienced long wait times at the emergency room, crowded patient conditions, and too often the unfortunate instances of patients being turned away and sent to Phoenix or Las Vegas for treatment.

With the projected population of Northern Arizona to double by 2050, these problems will only get worse. Therefore, a larger hospital is needed in order to provide the best access to the highest quality care.

Every year, thousands of patients have to be transported to Phoenix or Las Vegas to receive medical treatment they need because Flagstaff Medical Center doesn’t have enough space to care for them. The new hospital would have more rooms and beds for patients in order to treat patients right here in Flagstaff.

A new hospital would expand access to high quality care for people in the region – near and far – using state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

As always, Northern Arizona Healthcare, who owns and operates Flagstaff Medical Center, is committed to providing the absolute best medical care just as FMC has for almost 90 years.

Our healthcare should be local, accessible, and reliable.

Proposition 480 does just that.

Vote Yes on Prop 480. A New Hospital for All of Us!

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123 N. San Francisco St., Suite 300 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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